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Set of Eight Luristan Bronze Zoomorphic Bells
Chalcolithic Tepe Sialk Terracotta Bowl with Ibex, Horned Animal
Luristan Bronze Horse, collection of Teddy Kollek
Two Aztec Pottery Ceremonial Censers with Portrait Head & Rattle
Large Persian Pottery Painted Avian Jar
Miniature Japanese Ivory Okimono of God Fukurokuju
Iron Age III, Teppe Hasanlu, Terracotta Double Bowl with Tripod Feet
Moche I Pottery Stirrup Vessel of an Owl
Qing dynasty White Porcelain Elephant Candle Holder
Miniature Roman Bronze Winged Cupid
Roman Glass Oval Broach / 14K Contemporary Gold Setting
Chinese Pottery Neolithic Bowl
Pair Italian Painted / Gilt Wooden Candelabra, Torchieres
Large Roman Oil Lamp with Geometric Design
Antique German Silver Chanukah Lamp
Syro-Hittite Bird Faced Goddess Astarte
Maya , Jaina Island, Pottery Warrior
Indus Valley Civilization Bird Faced Goddess Astarte