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Cypriot Zoomorphic Pottery Head of a Bull
Etruscan Bronze Lion Head Protome
Cypriot Pottery Trefoil Oinochoe, Sanskrit Swastika Symbol
Hellenistic Terracotta Vessel in form of a Duck
Italo Corinthian Terracotta Swan Vase
Etruscan Pottery Oinochoe
Hellenistic Pottery Rattle, found in Holy Land
Cypriot Pottery Bichrome Trefoil Oinoche
Sold Separately, Silver Tetradrachm Coins of Greek Goddess Athena
Tetrobol of Akanthos, Greek Silver Coin Pendant
Etruscan Bronze Hydria Handle with Lion and Monkey Heads
Small Apulian Pottery Kantharos
Daunian Pottery High Handle Jug with Geometric Pattern
Small Daunian Pottery High Handle Juglet
Campanian Pottery Teano Ware Kernos
Sold Separately: Two Pair Apulian Gnathian Ware Epichysis
Campanian Pottery Guttus with Head of Apollo
Corinthian Pottery Aryballos