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Nazca Textile Camelid Tunic
Framed Proto Nazca Textile Panels, Peru
Jama Coaque Pottery Vessel, Man & Consort
Casas Grandes Pottery Animal Effigy Bowl
Early 20th Century Shipibo Pottery Olla
Moche III Pottery Vessel of Sacrificial Captive
Chimu Inca Pottery Figural Kero Effigy Vessel
Sinu Pottery Effigy Vessel with Four Female Figures
Colima Pottery Rain God Tlaloc Incensario, Janus form
Chimu Zoomorphic Textile Fragment
Maya Creamware Cylinder with Hierglyphics
Early 20th Century Shipibo Pottery Cup
Moche IV Pottery Portrait Vessel of God Ai Apaec
Monumental Colonial Cuzquena School Polychrome Wall Crucifix
Chancay Lace Textile Panel
Colonial Cuzquena School Painting, The Last Supper
Olmec Pottery Figure Wearing Loincloth
Nayarit Pottery Seated Female, Protoclassic