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Middle Bronze Age II Bronze Canaanite God
Early Bronze Age I Painted Spouted Vessel
Roman Carved Bone Fragment Furniture Attachment
Iron Age II Israelite Pottery Wine Amphora
Roman Glass Pendant with 14K Gold Contemporary Setting
Roman Bronze Head of a Young Lion, Attachment, Protome
Maya Polychrome Tripod Cylinder
Tang Dynasty Pottery Bactrian Camel & Foreign Rider
Russian Wooden Icon of Archangel Michael
Jama Coaque Pottery Shaman with Tail
Qing Dynasty Ancestor Portrait on Rice Paper
Olmec Pottery Figure Wearing Loincloth
18th C. Colonial Cuzquena School Crucifix, Cuzco Peru
15th Century Thai Bronze Figure of Buddha
Chimu - Inca Pottery Double Bodied Whistling Vessel
Roman Gray Terracotta Juglet
Roman Green Glass Globular Amphora, Jar
Antique Map of Jerusalem, Teddy Kollek collection