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Near Eastern Islamic Seljuk Bronze Lion
Rio Magdalena Pottery Burial Urn, Woman riding a Sea Turtle
Islamic Bronze Stylized Head of a Lion
Roosevelt Red Ware Pottery Duck Effigy Jar
Islamic Bronze Bracelet of Two Lion Heads
Nazca Textile Camelid Tunic
Near East, Islamic, Stone Foreparts of a Leaping Lion
Monumental Chancay Pottery Vessel of a Hunter and Monkey
Monumental Yuan Dynasty Stone Figure of Guan Yin
Afghanistan, Bamiyan Ceramic Bowls & Saucer
Islamic Bronze Stylized Body of a Lion
Rare Early Bronze Age II Terracotta Kernos
Gallo Roman Limestone Head of Emperor Macrinus
Near Eastern Islamic Seljuk Bronze Buckle, Body of a Lion,
Roman Bronze Mask, Head of a Lion, Door Knocker
Iron Age Pottery Plate
Luristan Bronze Chariot, 7th Century BCE
Hellenistic Pottery Oil Lamp
Roman Bronze Head of a Lion, Attachment, Protome
Persian Stone Standing Lion
Chinese Pottery Neolithic Bowl
Ancient Holy Land Pottery, Grouping of Three Artifacts
Early Bronze Age I Canaanite Miniature Pottery Twin Juglet
Radiant Miniature Roman Glass Pilgrim Flask
Roman Glass Bottle with Purple Patina
Persian, Elamite Pink Terracotta Toy Mouflon, Sheep, on Wheels
Chimu Zoomorphic Textile Fragment
Roman Bronze Mask, Head of a Lion
Tang Dynasty Pottery Bactrian Camel & Foreign Rider
Chalcolithic Buff Pottery Flange Juglet
Persian Buff Decanter. Ex: David Hacohen, Israel
Syro Hittite Terracotta Idol on Horse
Greek, Geometric Bronze Bull
Native American Mississippian Pottery Hooded Owl
Nazca Textile Camelid Tunic
Luminescent Byzantine Glass Jar with Purple Swirls