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Tang Dynasty Marble Sculpture of a Buddhistic Lion
Pair of Victorian Yellow Gilt Glass Mini Vases
Indus Valley Civilization Bird Faced Goddess Astarte
Early Bronze Age Pottery Amphora
Colonial Cuzquena School Painting, The Last Supper
Framed Proto Nazca Textile Panels, Peru
Ptolemaic Marble Miniature Sphinx
Roman Glass Oval Broach / 14K Contemporary Gold Setting
Iron Age Persian Jug with Zoomorphic Spout
Tang Dynasty Pottery Bactrian Camel & Foreign Rider
Large Roman Oil Lamp with Griffin
Quimbaya Pottery Slab Male with tail of Bird
Qing Dynasty Textile Baby Carrier
Childhood Memories, by Jonathan Kis-Lev
Roman Bronze Fibula, Clothing Fastener
Iron Age III Pottery Bull with Bridle
Qing Dynasty Cizhou Stoneware Storage Jar
Rio Magdalena Pottery Burial Urn, Woman riding a Sea Turtle