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Hellenistic Pottery Oil Lamp, Head of Papposilenos / Silenus
Rare Persian Zoomorphic Pottery Jug
Iron Age Persian Jug with Zoomorphic Spout
Persian Buff Decanter. Ex: David Hacohen, Israel
Luristan Bronze Seals, collection of Teddy Kollek
Roman Bronze Head of an Eagle
SOLD SEPARATELY: Roman Bone Handles with Geometric Pattern
Roman Basalt Head of a Mythical Griffin from Syria
Early Bronze Age I Painted Spouted Vessel
Roman Amber Glass Vessel
Grouping of Five Parthian Pottery Vessels with Juglet
Roman Green Glass Balsamarium
Roman Green Glass Balsamarium
Aramaic Incantation Magic Bowl of a Serpent
Roman Bronze Fibula, Clothing Fastener
Rare Pottery Seven Pronged Oil Lamp, Talmudic Period
Two Chalcolithic Pottery Vessels found in Holy Land
Miniature Romano - British Bronze Figure of a Bound Captive
Miniature Roman Bronze Winged Cupid
Roman Bone Votive Carving of a Goddess or Maiden
Gallo Roman Limestone Head of Emperor Macrinus
Luristan Iron Age Bronze Standing Figurine
Mameluke Stucco Head of a Lion, Fragment
Roman Bronze Hydria Attachment of a Siren
Roman Bronze of Moon God, Men, of Anatolia
Gandharan Stucco Head of a Boddhisattva
Campanian Pottery Teano Ware Kernos
Sold Separately: Apulian Gnathian Ware Epichysis
Sold Separately: Two Roman Bronze Protome, Medusa & Lion
Two Roman Bronze Actor's Mask Protome
Syro Hittite Terracotte Astarte / Goddess
Gandharan Stucco Fragment, Head of a Man
Byzantine Pottery Bread Stamp
Roman Bronze Gladiator's Dagger Hilt with Head of Eagle
Large Persian Pottery Painted Avian Jar
Campanian Pottery Guttus with Head of Apollo