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Middle Bronze Age II Glazed Juglet, Holy Land
Rare Early Bronze Age I Canaanite Pottery Twin Jug
Middle Bronze Age I Canaanite Pottery Twin Jug, Holy Land
Early Bronze Age I Canaanite Miniature Pottery Twin Juglet
Cypriot Pottery Bichrome Trefoil Oinoche
Sold Separately, Silver Tetradrachm Coins of Greek Goddess Athena
Tetrobol of Akanthos, Greek Silver Coin Pendant
Iron Age II Pottery Tripod Bowl, Time of King David
Etruscan Bronze Hydria Handle with Lion and Monkey Heads
Indus Valley Civilization Bird Faced Goddess Astarte
Persian Pottery Tripod Vessel found in the Holy land
Iron Age I Pottery Pyxis Time of King David
Persian Avian Pottery Juglet
Roman Pottery Head of a Man with Triangular Hat
Small Apulian Pottery Kantharos
Afghanistan, Bamiyan Ceramic Bowls & Saucer
Daunian Pottery High Handle Jug with Geometric Pattern
Small Daunian Pottery High Handle Juglet