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Monumental Chancay Pottery Vessel of a Hunter and Monkey
Monumental Colonial Cuzquena School Polychrome Wall Crucifix
Rio Magdalena Pottery Burial Urn, Woman riding a Sea Turtle
Quimbaya Pottery Slab Seated Male with Gold Nose Ring
Mixtec Pottery Figural Incensario, or Censer
18th C. Colonial Cuzquena School Crucifix, Cuzco Peru
Quimbaya Pottery Slab Male with tail of Bird
Olmec Pottery Figure Wearing Loincloth
Maya , Jaina Island, Pottery Warrior
Nazca Globular Double Spouted Vessel, Warrior Priest
Chimu Lambayeque Pottery Whistle
Maya Creamware Cylinder with Hierglyphics
Colima Pottery Blackware Duck Vessel
Moche II Pottery Jaguar God Stirrup Vessel
Nazca Pottery Bridge Vessel of a Mythical Being, Pretty Lady
Maya Pottery Blackware Cylinder Vessel, Late Classic
Veracruz Pottery Shaman Vessel
Veracruz Pottery Zoomorphic Priest Ocarina, Rattle