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Iranian Bronze Figure with Horns
Monumental Roman Marble Funerary Statue, Goddess Cybele
Monumental Yuan Dynasty Stone Figure of Guan Yin
Jama Coaque Pottery Shaman with Tail
Sumerian Stone Head of a Lion, Stamp, Seal
Rio Magdalena Pottery Burial Urn, Woman riding a Sea Turtle
Chinese Wooden Lacquer Cosmetic Box with Dragon Motif
Syro Hittite Terracotta Astarte / Goddess Bowl
Qing Dynasty Blanc de Chine Porcelain Guan Yin riding Dragon
Roman Glass Broach with 14K Gold Contemporary Setting
Gandharan Stucco Head of a Boddhisattva
Roman Glass Sprinkler Jar
Roman, North African, Red Clay, Mold of Two Lions
Thai Gilt Red Lacquered Wooden Panels,
Byzantine Pink Marble Octagonal Tile, Greek inscription
Cambodian Wooden Cow Clapper, Cowbell
Syro Hittite Terracotta Chariot
Cambodian Bronze Tiger Bells (Type B)