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Egyptian Turquoise Glazed Composition Ushabti / Shabti
Etruscan Bucchero Ware Bowl
Islamic Stone Body of a Lion
Roman Glass Amphora
Rare Pottery Seven Pronged Oil Lamp, Talmudic Period
Veracruz Pottery Shaman Vessel
Hellenistic Pottery Oil Lamp with Inscription
18th C. Colonial Cuzquena School Crucifix, Cuzco Peru
Gallo Roman Limestone Head of Emperor Macrinus
Native American, Mississippian Pottery Bowl
Hellenistic Pottery Brazier of a Bearded Man
North Coast Textile Tunic Tassel
Luristan Iron Age Bronze Standing Figurine
Casas Grandes Pottery Animal Effigy Bowl
Majapahit, Javanese Four Sided Volcanic Stone Head of God Brahma
Early Bronze Age Pottery Juglet with Handle
Rare Late Bronze Age Pottery Storage Amphora
Sumerian Terracotta Foundation Cone with Cuneiform Writing