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Early Bronze Age I Painted Spouted Vessel
Mesopotamian / Babylonian Pottery Tablet of a Lioness
Roman Bronze Forepart of a Leaping Lion
Persian, Elamite Pink Terracotta Toy Mouflon, Sheep, on Wheels
Ancient Holy Land Pottery, Grouping of Three Artifacts
Iron Age Persian Jug with Zoomorphic Spout
Elamite Bronze Ax Head with Recumbent Lion
Hellenistic Pottery Rattle, found in Holy Land
Roman Bronze Fibula, Clothing Fastener
Nazca Globular Double Spouted Vessel, Warrior Priest
Roman Green Glass Balsamarium
Sasanian Bronze Prancing Lion
Early Bronze Age Figure of a Lion
Early Bronze Age Pottery Amphora
Near East, Islamic, Stone Head of a Lion
Roman Glass Broach with Contemporary Silver Setting
Ancient Thai Double Carinated Pottery Jars
Chancay Textile Panel with Avian Motif