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Qing Dynasty Hand Carved Elmwood Shanxi Table
Iron Age Bronze Miniature Bull, curved tail
Etruscan Bucchero Ware Bowl
Gallo Roman Limestone Head of Emperor Macrinus
Iron Age II Terracotta Incense Burner
Framed Proto Nazca Textile Panels, Peru
Canaanite Terracotta Idol of a Sacrificial Ram
Gandharan Stucco Fragment, Head of a Man
Qing Dynasty Chinese Red Wooden Box, Foo Dog motif
Syro Hittite Terracotta Astarte / Goddess Bowl
Persian Stone Standing Lion
Miniature Syro Hittite Terracotta Chariot
Chinese Pottery Neolithic Bowl
Early Bronze Age I Canaanite Miniature Pottery Twin Juglet
Quimbaya Pottery Slab Seated Female with Gold Nose Ring
Iron Age Bronze Antelope
Roman Bronze Head of a Lion, Attachment, Protome
Roman Green Glass Cosmetic Jar
Middle Bronze Age II Glazed Juglet, Holy Land
Egyptian Turquoise Glazed Composition Ushabti / Shabti
Chancay Textile Panel with Avian Motif
18th C. Colonial Cuzquena School Crucifix, Cuzco Peru
Iron Age II Pottery Tripod Bowl, Time of King David
Chimu - Inca Pottery Double Bodied Whistling Vessel
Persian Sgraffiato Bowl, Medieval Nishapur Iran
Jama Coaque Pottery Maskette
Syro Hittite Terracotta Astarte / Goddess
Luminescent Byzantine Glass Jar with Purple Swirls
Sumerian Stone Head of a Lion, Stamp, Seal
Iron Age Pottery Plate
Khmer Stone Torso of Goddess Uma
Large Persian Pottery Painted Avian Jar
Small Apulian Pottery Kantharos
Elamite Bronze Ax Head with Recumbent Lion
Roman Glass Earrings with Contemporary Silver Setting
Cypriot Pottery Trefoil Oinochoe, Sanskrit Swastika Symbol