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Chalcolithic Tepe Sialk Terracotta Bowl with Ibex, Horned Animal
Nepalese Black Chlorite Stone Stele of Hindu Goddess Durga
Ptolemaic Marble Miniature Sphinx
Pair of Victorian Yellow Gilt Glass Mini Vases
Moche II Pottery Jaguar God Stirrup Vessel
Chaco Puerco Pottery Three Lobe Pitcher
Cambodian Bronze Tiger Bells (Type B)
Jama Coaque Pottery Female with Headdress
19th Century Balinese Gold Necklace, Cabochon Rubies
Roman Glass Earrings with Contemporary Silver Setting
Roman Bronze Zebu Bull on Footed Base
Russian Wooden Icon of Archangel Michael
Qing Dynasty Textile Baby Carrier
Sasanian Silver Figure of a Lion
Sold Separately: Two Pair Apulian Gnathian Ware Epichysis
Persian Glazed Ceramic Bowl on Custom Stand
Victorian Ivory Parlor Fan, framed
Hellenistic Pottery Oil Lamp