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Japanese Carved Ivory Lion on custom Rosewood Base
Iron Age II - III Pottery Flask
Syro Hittite Terracotta Chariot and Charioteer
Syro-Hittite Bird Faced Goddess Astarte
Roman Bronze Reclining Lion
Persian Glazed Ceramic Bowl on Custom Stand
Etruscan Miniature Bronze of a Recumbent Lion
Two Roman Bronze Actor's Mask Protome
Mexican Wooden Day of the Dead Mask of a Man
Middle Bronze Age I Dagger found in the Holy Land
Set of Eight Luristan Bronze Zoomorphic Bells
Chancay Textile Panel with Avian Motif
South Arabian Bronze Horse Head, Protome
Roman Glass Broach with 14K Gold Contemporary Setting
Tang Dynasty Pottery Polo Player, T.L. Tested
Chalcolithic Buff Pottery Flange Juglet
Victorian Ivory Parlor Fan, framed
19th Century Wooden Statue of St. Dominic
Ancient Holy Land Pottery, Grouping of Four Artifacts
Ottoman Empire Silver Alloy Belt Buckle with Double Headed Eagle
Byzantine Bronze Head of a Griffin
Early 20th Century Shipibo Pottery Olla
Jama Coaque Pottery Shaman with Tail
Syro Hittite Terracotta Head of Astarte / Goddess
Etruscan Pottery Oinochoe
Colima Pottery Rain God Tlaloc Incensario, Janus form
Nazca Textile Camelid Tunic
Colonial Cuzquena School Painting, The Last Supper
Roman Bronze Key found in the Holy Land
Roman Bronze Mask, Head of a Lion, Door Knocker
Cypriot Zoomorphic Pottery Head of a Bull
Early Bronze Age Pottery Juglet with Handle
Byzantine Pink Marble Octagonal Tile, Greek inscription
Middle Bronze Age II Carinated Pottery Bowl, Holy Land
Early Islamic Terracotta Incantation Juglet, Aramaic Inscription
Roman Glass Amphora