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Egyptian Glass Pendant with 18K Gold Contemporary Setting
Roman Glass Broach with Contemporary Silver Setting
Nazca Pottery Bridge Vessel of a Mythical Being, Pretty Lady
Egyptian Glass Pendant with 18K Gold Contemporary Setting
Tularosa Red and Black Pottery Cooking Pot
Moche I Pottery Stirrup Vessel of an Owl
Roman Glass Sprinkler Jar
Sold Separately, Silver Tetradrachm Coins of Greek Goddess Athena
Sasanian Bronze Prancing Lion
Aramaic Incantation Magic Bowl of a Serpent
Hellenistic Terracotta Oil Lamp of a Putto
Moche II Pottery Jaguar God Stirrup Vessel
Song Dynasty Limestone Head of a Bodhisattva
Indus Valley Civilization Bird Faced Goddess Astarte
Miniature Romano - British Bronze Figure of a Bound Captive
Roman Bronze of Lion and Serpent
Chinese Wooden Lacquer Cosmetic Box with Dragon Motif
Miniature Roman Bronze Winged Cupid
Roman Glass Single Unguentarium
Ancient Holy Land Pottery, Grouping of Four Artifacts
Chavin Pottery Tembladera Idol
Cypriot Pottery Zoomorphic Avian Bichrome Juglet
Native American Southwest, Midwest Pottery Bowl
Syro Hittite Terracotta Zoomorphic Figure on Wheels
Middle Bronze Age II Globular Pottery Jar
Miniature Roman Bronze Reclining Lion
Monumental Tang Dynasty Pottery Lion
SOLD SEPARATELY: Qing Dynasty Wooden Stands with Marble Top
Roman, North African, Red Clay, Mold of Two Lions
Middle Bronze Age II Bronze Canaanite God
Roman Green Glass Jug, Striated Handle, "IM" embossed on bottom
Canaanite Terracotta Protome / Attachment Sacred Bull Head
Syro Hittite Terracotta Chariot and Charioteer,
Roman Bronze Mask, Head of a Lion, Door Knocker
Iron Age II Israelite Pottery Wine Amphora
Egyptian Turquoise Glazed Composition Ushabti / Shabti