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Iron Age II - III Pottery Flask
Chinese Pottery Neolithic Bowl
Miniature Roman Bronze Winged Cupid
Colima Pottery Blackware Duck Vessel
Qing Dynasty Ancestor Portrait on Rice Paper
Two Roman Bronze Actor's Mask Protome
Two Roman Bronze Protome, Medusa & Lion
Roman Green Glass Balsamarium
Gandharan Stucco Head of a Boddhisattva
Quimbaya Pottery Slab Seated Male with Gold Nose Ring
Roman Green Ribbed Glass Cosmetic Container
Early Bronze Age Pottery Amphora
Chancay Textile Panel with Avian Motif
Daunian Pottery High Handle Jug with Geometric Pattern
Indus Valley Civilization Painted Pottery Bowl
Indus Valley Civilization Bird Faced Goddess Astarte
Iron Age II Pottery Tripod Bowl, Time of King David
Tetrobol of Akanthos, Greek Silver Coin Pendant