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Iron Age Bronze Miniature Bull
Iron Age Bronze Miniature Bull, curved tail
Greek, Geometric Bronze Bull
Iron Age I Pottery Pyxis Time of King David
Ancient Holy Land Pottery, Grouping of Three Artifacts
Early Islamic Terracotta Incantation Juglet, Aramaic Inscription
Byzantine Terracotta Figure of a Bull Juglet
Roman Bronze Oil Lamp with Greek Inscription
Luristan Bronze Chariot
Luristan Bronze Chariot, 7th Century BCE
Cypriot Zoomorphic Pottery Head of a Bull
Iron Age I Terracotta Chariot, Israelite Period
Western Asiatic Stone Roaring Panther
Syro Hittite Terracotta Zoomorphic Figure on Wheels
Syro Hittite Terracotta Astarte / Goddess Bowl
Middle Bronze Age II Globular Pottery Jar
Egyptian Glass Pendant with 18K Gold Contemporary Setting
Nazca Polychrome Pottery Stirrup Vessel with Feline God
Jama Coaque Pottery Female with Headdress
Veracruz Pottery Shaman Vessel
Vicus Pottery Avian Stirrup Vessel
Maya Polychrome Cylinder depicting Chief
Chancay Lace Textile Panel
Chancay Textile Panel with Avian Motif
Maya , Jaina Island, Pottery Warrior
Quimbaya Pottery Slab Male with tail of Bird
Veracruz Pottery Zoomorphic Priest Ocarina, Rattle
Roman Basalt Head of a Mythical Griffin from Syria
Monumental Roman Marble Funerary Statue, Goddess Cybele
Persian, Elamite Period, Clay Fertility Goddess, Idol
Luristan Bronze Cosmetic Bottle and Applicator
Two Aztec Pottery Ceremonial Censers with Portrait Head & Rattle
Urartian Pottery Bottle on Horse Cosmetic Container
Indus Vallery Civilization Pottery Zoomorphic Jug
Six Framed Egyptian Coptic Textile Fragments
Middle Bronze Age II Carinated Pottery Bowl, Holy Land