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Iron Age II Israelite Pottery Wine Amphora
Middle Bronze Age II Red Pottery Juglet
Roman Pottery Oil Lamp, Lion & Panther Devouring Human
Middle Bronze Age II Globular Pottery Jar
Roman Bronze Hydria Handle, Three Lion's Head
Egyptian, Ptolemaic Pottery Vessel of a Recumbent Lion
Ptolemaic Faience Amulet of a Recumbent Lion
Early Bronze Age Figure of a Lion
Syro-Hittite Pottery Head of a Lion
Roman Bronze Head of a Lion, Attachment
Assyrian Stone Crouching Lion
Roman Bronze of Lion and Serpent
Roman Bronze Protome of a Lion Head
Elamite Bronze Ax Head with Head of Lion
Roman Bronze Iconic Style Capital with Lion Head
Islamic Bronze Stylized Body of a Lion
Byzantine Bronze Head of a Griffin
Egyptian Fragmentary Bronze Throne of Harpocrates