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Moche III Pottery Vessel of Sacrificial Captive
Miniature Roman Bronze Winged Cupid
Miniature Romano - British Bronze Figure of a Bound Captive
Colima Pottery Blackware Duck Vessel
Two Chalcolithic Pottery Vessels found in Holy Land
Rare Pottery Seven Pronged Oil Lamp, Talmudic Period
Roman Bronze Fibula, Clothing Fastener
Qing Dynasty Ancestor Portrait on Rice Paper
Pair Qing Dynasty Ancestor Portraits on Rice Paper
Qing Dynasty Textile Baby Carrier
Japanese Ivory Netsuke of a Shishi, Guardian Lion
Aramaic Incantation Magic Bowl of a Serpent
Miniature Japanese Ivory Okimono of God Fukurokuju
Qing Dynasty Hand Carved Elmwood Shanxi Table
Roman Green Glass Balsamarium
Roman Green Glass Balsamarium
Grouping of Five Parthian Pottery Vessels with Juglet
Roman Amber Glass Vessel
Early Bronze Age I Painted Spouted Vessel
Japanese Signed Ivory Netsuke Heads
Various Antique Stocks, Bonds, Stamps
Picturesque America, Vol. I & II, William Cullen Bryant
Roman Basalt Head of a Mythical Griffin from Syria
19th Century Balinese Gold Necklace, Cabochon Rubies
SOLD SEPARATELY: Roman Bone Handles with Geometric Pattern
Roman Bronze Head of an Eagle
Luristan Bronze Seals, collection of Teddy Kollek
Persian Buff Decanter. Ex: David Hacohen, Israel
Qing Dynasty Cizhou Stoneware Storage Jar
Iron Age Persian Jug with Zoomorphic Spout
Rare Persian Zoomorphic Pottery Jug
Hellenistic Pottery Oil Lamp, Head of Papposilenos / Silenus
Roman Bronze Key found in the Holy Land
Native American Mississippian Pottery Hooded Owl
Hellenistic Brazier Fragment, Head of Bearded Man
Roman Pottery Skyphos found in the Holy Land