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Tang Dynasty Pottery Bactrian Camel & Foreign Rider
Gallo Roman Limestone Head of Emperor Macrinus
Fine Ming Dynasty Jade Horse
Pair: Monumental Qing Dynasty Alabaster Lidded Jars
Fine Ming Dynasty Jade Horse
Khmer Stone Torso of Goddess Uma
Monumental Chancay Pottery Vessel of a Hunter and Monkey
Egyptian Pottery Mummiform Sarcophagus Lid
Ming Dynasty Sancai Glazed Pillow of a Recumbent Lion
19th Century Ottoman Empire Marble Water Spout
Monumental Colonial Cuzquena School Polychrome Wall Crucifix
Roman Basalt Head of a Mythical Griffin from Syria
Antique German Silver Chanukah Lamp
Song Dynasty Limestone Head of a Bodhisattva
Rare Early Bronze Age I Canaanite Pottery Twin Jug
Indus Valley Civilization Painted Pottery Bowl
Monumental Ming Dynasty Pottery Warrior on Horse
Rio Magdalena Pottery Burial Urn, Woman riding a Sea Turtle