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Pair Italian Painted / Gilt Wooden Candelabra, Torchieres
Persian, Elamite Period, Clay Fertility Goddess, Idol
Iron Age II - III Pottery Flask
Qing dynasty White Porcelain Elephant Candle Holder
Roman Glass Amphora with Purple Patina
Roman Bronze Recumbent Lion, Attachment
Syro Hittite Terracotta Zoomorphic Figure on Wheels
In the Distance - Views Safed, by Jonathan Kis-Lev
Olmec Pottery Figure Wearing Loincloth
Iron Age II Israelite Pottery Wine Amphora
Two Roman Bone Handles with Geometric Pattern
Lithograph, Moses, The Ten Commandments, Wilhelm Creuzbauer
Roman Green Glass Balsamarium
Roman Bronze Oil Lamp with Greek Inscription
Moche I Pottery Stirrup Vessel of an Owl
Radiant Miniature Roman Glass Pilgrim Flask
Nazca Pottery Bridge Vessel of a Mythical Being, Pretty Lady
Pair: Chinese Decorative Blue / White Ceramic Foo Dogs
Song Dynasty Limestone Head of a Buddhistic Monk
Late Bronze Age Pottery Bowl in form of Lion Head
Iron Age II Fenestrated Pottery Chalice
Assyrian Stone Reclining Lion
Egyptian Turquoise Glazed Composition Ushabti / Shabti
Moche II Pottery Jaguar God Stirrup Vessel
Quran Box, Brass & Silver Inlay from Damascus
Cypriot Pottery Zoomorphic Avian Bichrome Juglet
Maya Polychrome Tripod Cylinder
Near East, Islamic, Stone Foreparts of a Leaping Lion
Syro Hittite Terracotta Chariot
Antique Yemenite Silver Jewish Wedding Jewelry
Chinese Miniature Famille Rose Porcelain Vases
Chinese Cloisonne Brush Bowl
Canaanite Terracotta Idol of a Sacrificial Ram
Miniature Roman Bronze Reclining Lion
Egyptian Glass Pendant with 18K Gold Contemporary Setting
Colima Pottery Rain God Tlaloc Incensario, Janus form