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Moche III Pottery Vessel of Sacrificial Captive
Mixtec Pottery Figural Incensario, or Censer
Miniature Syro Hittite Terracotta Chariot
Miniature Roman Winged Griffin
Miniature Romano - British Bronze Figure of a Bound Captive
Miniature Roman Bronze Winged Cupid
Miniature Roman Bronze Reclining Lion
Miniature Roman Bronze Reclining Lion
Miniature Japanese Ivory Okimono of God Fukurokuju
Miniature Islamic Stone Lion
Ming Dynasty Stone Head of Goddess Guan Yin
Ming Dynasty Sancai Glazed Pillow of a Recumbent Lion
Ming Dynasty Bronze Figure of Recumbent Mythical Lion
Mike Leaf, Lithograph, The Rabbi
Mike Leaf, Lithograph, Five Rabbi
Middle Bronze Age II Red Pottery Juglet
Middle Bronze Age II Globular Pottery Jar
Middle Bronze Age II Glazed Juglet, Holy Land