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Pair: Early 20th Century Ceramic Foo Dogs
Pair Italian Painted / Gilt Wooden Candelabra, Torchieres
Pair: Monumental Qing Dynasty Alabaster Lidded Jars
Pair of Chinese Decorative Figural Porcelain Ovid Vases
Pair of Chinese Decorative Porcelain Baluster Vases
Pair of Victorian Yellow Gilt Glass Mini Vases
Pair Qing Dynasty Ancestor Portraits on Rice Paper
Parthian Bronze Lion-Headed Handle
Persian Avian Pottery Juglet
Persian Buff Decanter. Ex: David Hacohen, Israel
Persian, Elamite Period, Clay Fertility Goddess, Idol
Persian, Elamite Pink Terracotta Toy Mouflon, Sheep, on Wheels
Persian Glazed Ceramic Bowl on Custom Stand
Persian Glazed Ceramic Bowl on Custom Stand
Persian Pottery Tripod Vessel found in the Holy land
Persian Sgraffiato Bowl, Medieval Nishapur Iran
Persian Stone Head of a Lion
Persian Stone Standing Lion