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Antique German Silver Chanukah Lamp
Antique Islamic Iron Lock in form of Lion
Antique Map of Jerusalem, Teddy Kollek collection
Antique Necklace, Strand of Seed Pearls
Antique Yemenite Silver Jewish Wedding Jewelry
Antiquities Auction Catalogs, Sotheby's, Christie's, Bonhams, etc.
Aramaic Incantation Magic Bowl of a Serpent
Assyrian, or Urartian, Bronze Lion
Assyrian Stone Crouching Lion
Assyrian Stone Reclining Lion
A View of Herzl Street, Naharia, by Jonathan Kis-Lev
Beautiful Jaffa, by Jonathan Kis-Lev
Benin / Nigeria Bronze Ceremonial Ladle
Black Mesa, Black on White Duck Pitcher
Bronze Prutah Coin Necklace, Porcius Festus 59 CE, in 14K Modern Gold
Burmese Seated Bronze Buddha
Byzantine Bronze Censer with Cross Motif
Byzantine Bronze Head of a Griffin