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Roman Bronze of Lion and Serpent
Set of Five Roman Bronze Medical Instruments
Miniature Roman Winged Griffin
Tetrobol of Akanthos, Greek Silver Coin Pendant
Cypriot Pottery Zoomorphic Avian Bichrome Juglet
Roman Bronze Hydria Handle, Three Lion's Head
Roman Glass Amphora
Roman Glass Double Unguentaria with Wooden Applicator
Roman Glass Pendant with 14K Gold Contemporary Setting
Sold Separately, Silver Tetradrachm Coins of Greek Goddess Athena
Cypriot Pottery Trefoil Oinochoe, Sanskrit Swastika Symbol
Miniature Roman Bronze Reclining Lion
Roman Bronze Mask, Head of a Lion, Door Knocker
Roman Pottery Oil Lamp with Figure for Handle
Rare Miniature Hellenistic Bronze Nude Dwarf
Roman Bronze Mask, Head of a Lion
Roman, North African, Red Clay, Mold of Two Lions
Roman Pottery Head of a Man with Triangular Hat