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Roman Green Ribbed Glass Cosmetic Container
Two Roman Bone Handles with Geometric Pattern
Roman Bronze Head of an Eagle
Set of Five Roman Bronze Medical Instruments
Roman Bronze of Moon God, Men, of Anatolia
Miniature Roman Bronze Nubian Oil Lamp
Roman Glass Jug with Handle
Roman Glass Token / Pendant of a Griffin
Cypriot Zoomorphic Pottery Head of a Bull
Roman Glass Bottle with Purple Patina
Roman Bronze Forepart of a Leaping Lion
Roman Marble Fragment, Head of a Lion, Water Spout
Cypriot Pottery Zoomorphic Avian Bichrome Juglet
Two Roman Bronze Protome, Medusa & Lion
Roman Gray Terracotta Juglet
Roman Pottery Head of a Man with Triangular Hat
Roman Aubergine Glass Flask
Roman Glass Bracelet with Contemporary Silver Setting